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Our 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts for Parents

Our 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts for Parents

There is SO much content out there for parents, and honestly it can be a little overwhelming. Different accounts appeal to different families, and as your child/ren age the type of content you might seek will naturally change.

To help you see through a bit of the noise, we have picked our top 5 accounts that focus on a variety of topics and can be super helpful, educational and some simply comforting - letting you know you’re not in this alone. 

Edwena is a registered paediatric dietician and mum of two boys from Halifax, Nova Scotia and My Little Eater quickly became my favourite ‘eating’ page in the time just before Sonny started solids.

Her posts are simple, educational and are inclusive of all types of dietary requirements, which as a vegan mum, I love. She focuses on babies and toddlers, not only their nutrition but also common meal time problems e.g. picky eating, throwing food. She offers simple meal ideas and understands that as busy mums, many of us don’t have the time (or desire) to create Insta-worthy plates for our babes every meal. 

In addition to her Instagram she has a website where there are a number of free downloads and well as some more detailed paid courses and the option of one-on-one support. She also has a podcast - My Little Eater Podcast where she chats in greater detail about many of the topics she discusses on Instagram.

Curious parenting is a fantastic resource for parents who want to empower their children by providing resources on how to navigate conflict, set consistent boundaries and build self-confidence, and much more.

It highlights the importance of acknowledging your child’s feelings and autonomy, but also takes into consideration that parents are people too and provides strategies to help your child learn self-care by respecting your need for boundaries. 

7 Days of Play

This page is my go-to when I’m trying to be ‘fun-mum’ and want to get Sonny excited and engaged. Michelle is the queen of playful learning and DIY. A mama to 3 babes aged 5, 3 & 2, she offers endless examples of activities and crafts to engage kids of a variety of ages.

The best part? The vast majority are simple, inexpensive and often use materials readily available around the house. The activities range from educational, sensory and creative and always feature kid-friendly bright colours. 

This page has been a little quiet the past few months, but it really spoke to me, particularly in that first year when I was really trying to ‘figure it all out’. Alexandra Sacks is a Reproductive Psychiatrist, and is the woman who coined the term ‘Matrescence’ - the birth of a mother, which can be as stressful and transformative for many as was adolescence. 

I love the way her Instagram page showcases relatable images and memes - but the element that makes them special is the captions, the way she is able to take these small thoughts and incidences and the graceful way she is able to dissect where these feelings are coming from and how to handle them.

In addition to her Instagram page, she has a fantastic Ted Talk on Matrescence you can watch ‘HERE’, a Podcast ‘Motherhood Sessions’ where you listen in on her conversations with women experiencing a range of challenges within their own journeys through matresence (i.e. Parenting Through Trauma, Can I Handle a Second Child? Loneliness in Single Motherhood) and finally a book What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions From Pregnancy to Motherhood (available in the shop) co-authored by Catherine Birndoff, and a must read for mothers & mothers-to-be.

And to finish on a lighter note, this IG was created by @healthmagazine, and honestly they’re pretty on point. A mix of body confidence, parenting support and a few laughs along the way, Women in Real Life is the kind friend you need on your IG feed, reminding you that you’re beautiful, amazing and certainly enough while showing the real moments of motherhood.