Seasons of Mama

Rainbow Bundle (Miscarriage + Loss) Affirmation Cards


From Jenn, creator of Seasons of Mama

🌈Rainbow Bundle Affirmation Cards 🌈

with handcrafted and locally made timber stand

This set of cards has been created with the highest love ❤️ from one Mama, who knows the depth and ache of baby loss, to another.

Perhaps you too have a baby angel, too beautiful for this earth, and wish to feel the comfort of loving words wrap around you like the warmest hug. Or perhaps you are someone who is feeling lost with what to say and wish to show your beautiful support to a family member or close friend who has experienced miscarriage/baby loss. Then this set of 16 cards is for you ✨

Created with loving intentions and woven with powerful heartfelt quotes specifically selected by myself and a couple of my most fave women in my life, who have their own darling little angel babes. It really is my most heartfelt set to date for this reason 🌈

Made by us, for you x

If you wish to read on.....

My story 🦋

At the end of 2016 I experienced a very traumatic miscarriage at 10 weeks (my second pregnancy) and felt the heartbreak of losing our precious little babe, a younger sibling for our daughter. I was often met with well intentioned comments of “it wasn’t meant to be” and “at least you weren’t further along”. The thing is, it just made what happened to us/me feel all the more lonely. It didn’t feel as though there was enough room for me to grieve or enough acknowledgement of our little dream-baby. So I turned to words of comfort. I let them wash over me and slowly heal my heart, little by little. And since that time I have witnessed my sister and a few close girlfriends feel the same heartache.

More recently (2020) one of my best friends experienced the loss of her much wanted baby. She asked me to please make an affirmation set for women who are seeking gentle idea which was already developing in the back of my mind, just waiting to be created. And so, here it is, our Rainbow Bundle, birthed in honour of our angel babies - and yours too 🦋