Fernweh Clothing Co.

Grow With Me Tshirt ~ Sunflower


Handmade with so much love in Vanderhoof, BC.

What makes Fernweh Clothing Co different?

I want you to see the difference in the items I make before you even get a chance to touch them.
I spend a lot time researching better ways to do things. This often means it's more expensive for me to make items because the fabric I use costs much more, and I spend more time on these steps.

I promise that I will ALWAYS do things the correct way, and i'll never skip steps in the name of efficiency. I want the things you purchase to last... have you ever looked at the fiber content or seams of fast fashion items? 😦
Sometimes I wonder how these items are staying together at all. And I worry about waste from producing so many polyester items and the people making those items and the lives they live.

When you buy my clothing, I want you to know that you are be buying high quality items that can be loved well and passed down. Items made with intention, that fit the way you need them to, so they can last long enough to grow with your family. 🌱

Collaborating, teaching and learning from other seamstresses has been my favorite part of all of this. Working with artists and shop owners who share my values, meeting all of you. The friendships I've developed? Beyond the self improvement stuff, that is enough of a reason to fall in love with my craft. So thank YOU, to whoever might be reading this, for your support!