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First Facts & Flaps - Amazing Animals


A fun, fact-filled introduction to amazing animals with thirty flaps, a wheel to turn, and a giant fold-out page.

First Facts and Flaps: Amazing Animals features the tallest, fastest, and biggest animals on our planet - from giraffes and cheetahs to the colossal blue whale. Find out how giraffes sleep, how far a kangaroo can jump, how fast a cheetah can run and much, much more!

Pairing bold, colourful scenes from illustrator Lon Lee, with rhyming text and a page full of information, this is the perfect book for children just starting to find out more about the world around them.

With amazing and funny facts (all checked by a subject-specific consultant), bright infographics, and a mixture of novelties, including thirty flaps, First Facts and Flaps: Amazing Animals is accessible, visual, and loads of fun!