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Calm Down Cards ~ The Creative Sprout


This set of 12 cards has a variety of fun activities that act as visual aids for your child in their journey towards self-regulation.

Children have BIG feelings and we understand this is part of growing up, we believe it’s important to support your child through these feelings and give them tools to self-regulate and help them become a resilient young adult.

You will find these exercises can help reduce tantrums and meltdowns by gently guiding your little one towards a calmer state of mind.

This set includes the following: - 5 Finger Breathing - Lion’s Breath - Lazy 8 Breathing - Flower Breathing - Calm Down Count Down - My Emotions Wheel - Yoga Pose - Mindful Scavenger Hunt - When Someone is Bugging Me ... - Grounding Yourself Activity Ideas - Calm Down Activity Ideas - Draw Your Feelings Activity

Designed & printed in Australia, A6 size 350gsm card stock, with rounded corners and protective matt celloglazing for durability. Complete with a calico drawstring bag for safekeeping.