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Atlas of Dogs ~ Frances Evans


Explore the paw-some world of pooches in this definitive guide to dogs that’s packed with fun facts and illustrations. Large continent maps show the origin of 150 weird and wonderful breeds like the Greenland Dog with wicked sledging skills. Plus amazing Pooch Profiles provide size, coat and personality stats. Kids will love this who’s who of dogs!

Discover bright and cheery dog diagrams to learn about their super senses and satisfy your canine curiosity with brilliant features about record-breaking hounds, fluffy film stars and more. Kids will meet some of the world’s most unique pups like Africa’s magnificent Basenji that doesn’t bark but yodels and the mighty Irish Wolfhound that towers above its four-pawed friends. 

Inside Atlas of Dogs:

- 150 awesome breeds and crossbreeds from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand

- Large maps of each continent that show where each dog breed originates from

- Atlas of a dog’s body and their super senses

- Lively and colourful illustrations throughout with annotations that reveal unique and quirky dog facts and features

- Pooch Profile detailing country of origin, size, coat and personality

- Insightful Doggie Dictionary to help humans understand what their four-pawed pal is trying to say

- Low-down of dogs with jobs including Hollywood hounds and courageous canines

- Themed fun features that cover little dogs, gentle giants, heroic pups, doggie sports, furry film stars - and so much more

- Plus, practical tips about just what it takes to look after your own waggy-tailed dog at home

From small dogs to tall dogs to lovers-of-the-great-outdoors dogs, this book will take curious readers on a woof-tastic journey across the continents. Written by Frances Evans and featuring incredibly cute illustrations by Kelsey Heaton, Atlas of Dogs shares wow-factor facts about our furry best friends. Perfect for kids who want to learn more about the history of dogs and puppy personalities, this beautiful hardcover atlas can be treasured forever.