Sukoo the Label

Zoa Knit ~ Oat

$45.00 $59.00

Introducing your favourite baby and children's knitted chunky jumper, ZOA. Our Zoa chunky knit has been our best seller over the years and we are excited to bring it back year after year. This chunky knit is part of our core range, meaning it will never 'go out of fashion'. It is timeless, neutral and. unisex. 

Our baby and children's knitwear is lovingly handmade (using a loom) by our talented team of knitters. The Zoa Chunky Knit makes for the perfect staple piece in your baby and child's winter wardrobe.  Also available in other beautiful colours. 

This knit is considered to be more fitted but true to size. If you prefer an oversized look, we recommend sizing up. However, they do have a lot of stretch and wear time. You can refer to the image of our size guide to help make your decision. 

  • 100% soft cotton 
  • Mix of Oat and White cotton yarn
  • Tear drop fastening at back with wood button. 
  • Good amount of stretch
  • High quality and ethically manufactured in Indonesia. 

    Please note: Although this is a returning colour to Sukoo, colours may vary year to year due to using two thread colours. We believe this ads to the uniqueness of the item.